Second Bridge, Inc

The Second Bridge is a program of Kids In Need of McHenry County, established to achieve the Mission  – to provide support from the community to foster families so the children in their care can thrive.

Every donation helps us continue to support vulnerable children in our community. Make a one-time donation or sign-up for recurring donations. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit and gifts are tax deductible.

Our Mission

When a child is placed into the foster care system, they often are placed into a foster home with very few personal belongings.

Second Bridge is there to support the child and the foster family during this transition period. We provide beds, bedding, clothing, shoes, toys and anything else needed to care for the child and make sure they are comforted.

We believe every foster child deserves to feel worthy and loved.  We provide high quality new or very gently used items to the children in care.

Second Bridge is here to bridge the gap between the needs of the foster families and the community who wants to support them.

Foster Parent Support

Help with New Placement

We are here to help with everything you may need for your new placement. Please fill out our online form and we will be in touch shortly. Delivery is available as well as pick-up or shopping in Crystal Lake.

Schedule Appointment

Our Crystal Lake location is filled with clothing, diapers, baby gear, backpacks, formula, shoes, cribs, new toys and much more. Foster families are welcome to come and shop for FREE anytime you need.

Other Assistance

We know that support is needed the entire time a child is in your care and we are here to help you. You can request help with birthdays, clothing and other ongoing needs. Pick-up in Crystal Lake is preferred for these items.

How You Can Help

Make a Donation

Giving online has never been more secure, convenient or hassle-free with our one-click donation. We also do accept check donations mailed to:
89.5 Grant St. Crystal Lake, IL 60014

Become a Volunteer

You can get involved today by becoming a Volunteer. Sign up and you will be joining a network strong enough to impact positive change in the lives of children. We need shoppers, drivers and volunteers for events.

Donate Tangible Items

Our needs are constantly changing and we are in constant need of items. We generally always need children’s sized clothing, clean and gently used baby gear, cribs and unopened diapers. Please contact us to arrange for large item donations.


What Foster Families are Saying

Second Bridge has been an absolute lifesaver and joyous surprise, supporting us in our foster care journey ❤
We had a placement come with only a couple articles of clothing (some that weren’t even theirs) and only the shoes on their feet. Second Bridge delivered new clothes to our doorstep with gift cards that we were able to use for shoes!
We had another placement, right before Christmas and I asked late (after Second Bridges Christmas sign up had already happened) if there was any way they could help. I cannot describe the absolute shock and joy that occurred when our foster son opened a video game system on Christmas morning. A local youth had not only donated his old system to our foster son, but had even traded in his old games to find ones that our foster son would like.
Things are very hectic and emotional in the first few days (weeks, months…) of a child being taken from their family and placed with strangers (us). To have the instant support of this Amazing organization was such an Enormous Blessing!! I cannot Thank Alicia and Everyone at Second Bridge and all of the supporters enough! You are all the most caring and generous angels and our foster kids are so appreciative and always surprised to know that there are people out there who are so giving and kind. I’ve heard this comment quite a few times from our foster kids, “but they don’t even know me!!” always with their eyes wide in shock. Thank You All to opening these kids eyes to the kindness in the world!

Foster Mom

Second bridge has helped me a ton! I had two foster daughters that came to me when absolutely nothing! They took them shopping and were so excited!  I also really needed a bed in order to keep a sibling group together and they brought it right over!

Foster Mom

What an amazing organization! Not only helping families with needed items like strollers, diapers, and clothes, but giving our foster kids special experiences like Christmas surprises, bikes and Easter baskets!

Foster Mom

You were there when I asked for a suggestion on where I could purchase a weighted blanket. Your answer was to get one for us. You had a car seat for us too. Knowing you are there, is such peace of mind – you have no idea!

Foster Mom

We have been given so much by second bridge! We are so grateful to have them and no need is too large! In the past we have been given (for FREE) a clarinet, baby seat, and a stroller. They have provided multiple Christmas gifts for multiple kids and they do an Easter basket as well. They make this journey so much easier! Thank you second bridge!

Foster Mom

Second bridge is such a wonderful organization. They helped our family and many others we have sent to them. No request is too large. They are always willing to help fill a need on short notice. Thank you so much for everything!!

Foster Mom

Our family had an unexpected, bonus visitor over the holidays last year during COVID and Second Bridge showed up with a duffel full of much needed clothes.

Foster Mom

Me and my family have been doing fostercare for over 17 years and for many years there were no organizations that helped foster families. We had adopted 3 kiddos and decided we would like to open our home again. This time we got a baby and two months later we got an emergency placement call for his three siblings. They came with nothing which is usually the case. I decided to contact Second Bridge I met Alicia she asked me what we needed and she brought it right over. Clothes, underware, shoes, toys It was a lifesaver as a family who already had 7 kiddos 10 kids makes it almost impossible to just run out to get stuff. Second Bridge has gotten us cribs , toddler beds, clothes, school supplies,Christmas presents, and Easter baskets. I truly feel loved and cared for. So many times Foster families are out there on there own . We need people like Alicia and Second Bridge to be there for us to help us continue to keep doing what we do. Foster families have had it especially tough during covid. I can say Second Bridge has been there for us Alicia has such a heart for kiddos and our families . Being a foster mom herself she is there for us and knows first hand what we need. It takes a village to raise a child and im so glad Second Bridge is a part of our village.

Foster Mom

Second Bridge was able to help with a crib and clothes for my 18 month old foster son. And they were so kind to drop everything at our home. Everyday I see the posts that foster parents need help and everyday Second Bridge comes to the rescue. Thank you.

Foster Mom