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Clothing for 2 children in care

UPDATE: all items have been purchased. Thank you!

Some clothing (summer) is needed for 2 children in care in the same foster home.

Items needed for 8-year-old boy:

  • size 8-10 pants/shorts
  • size youth medium shirts
  • size 3 shoes

Items needed for 9-year-old girl

  • size 10-12 pants/shorts
  • size 12-14 tops
  • size 4 shoes

6 thoughts on “Clothing for 2 children in care”

  1. I can purchase an outfit for the 9yr old girl and 8 yr old boy from the same foster home. When do you need it by and where should I drop it off?

    1. I would say if you did a sandal to make it a sandal that is more like a gym shoe. Kind of like an closed toe rough soled sandal. Do you know what I mean? I know everywhere carries them. Target, walmart. My kids used to wear them all the time. It’s supportive like a gym shoe but has slits to they are more breathable.

  2. I have a bin full of clothes. Can I drop them off today? And where would I do that? Thanks!!

    1. Sorry for the delay! We were moving out of our Stuff The Duffel warehouse today. The donations are coming to our house until we can get settled into a new place. The address is 1530 Crabtree Ln in Crystal Lake.

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