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Items needed for sibling group

UPDATE: We think we have everything accounted for. We will update again if more is needed for this family.

We have a family that has a sibling group of 4 children. They are requesting a few summer clothes, bathing suits and shoes. For shoes I would suggest a closed toe, athletic type sandal. If you aren’t sure what I mean, you can google that exact phrase and see a few examples. Items will be delivered to the family on June 14th. If you can provide any of the items, please email us at Drop-offs are all done at our home for the time being. I will email you the address if needed.

**To keep things even between the kids, let’s say 2 outfits per child. I will try and keep the list updated on the FB post.

  • Baby – 8 months old. Bathing suit, a few summer clothes. Size 18/24 months
  • 7-year-old girl. Bathing suit, a few summer clothes, shoes. Size 7 for clothes, size 1 for shoes.
  • 5-year-old boy. Bathing suit, a few summer clothes, shoes. Size 5/6 for clothes, size 13 for shoes
  • 4-year-old boy. Bathing suit, a few summer clothes, shoes. Size 4/5 for clothes, size 11 for shoes.

*The baby also needs diapers and wipes but I think we have the correct size in inventory. If Second Bridge does not already have what is needed, I will add to the list.

Thank you!!

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