Call to action requests

Clothing and shoes needed ASAP for siblings before school starts!

UPDATE: I have added a few items needed including items for pre-k boy!

Okay Second Bridgers, we need your help! We have 3 siblings who were just taken into care. They will need some more items after this but for right now we have some things that they need ASAP. They start school on Thursday and aren’t ready. Supplies have been taken care of but the kindergartner needs clothes and shoes. We are waiting to hear sizing and needs for the pre-schooler. The highschooler also needs clothes but we thought for time sake and so that she can pick out what she wants, that a kohl’s gift card would be best.

Can you help us??

This link is for supplies for clothing and supplies:

This link is to raise funds for a Kohl’s gift card. We will purchase tomorrow at noon to hand off as well.

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