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HELP Needed ASAP for 4 siblings being transitioned

Calling all helpers!!! I was so sad when I read this request so please do everything you can to help these kids out!!

Their biological mom destroyed most of their personal belongings before they were taken out of the home so the kids essentially have nothing.

I have created an amazon wishlist for bedding, socks and bras. I have then created a volunteer sign up for the shoes clothing items needed.

We would love to get these kids their stuff ASAP so I’m asking to have them by mid day Friday if at all possible. I’d love to deliver Friday afternoon. SB will be getting them the backpacks and school supplies that are needed as well.

And if you don’t have time but would like to help us help them, any donations are always appreciated to fill in the gaps of what we are missing.

Amazon wishlist for bedding, bras and socks:

Volunteer sign up for shoes and clothing:

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