About Us

Second Bridge, Inc

Alicia Wehby, Founder & CEO

In 2019, after the loss of AJ Freund, our community was devastated. Being a foster family ourselves we felt we wanted to do something. We wanted to turn our sadness into something positive for others so we created Stuff the Duffel. What we thought would be a small fundraiser has spread through our community and even beyond. We ended up stuffing 4,000 care bags for kids being transitioned into foster care. We then turned that movement into Second Bridge. Second Bridge is a non-profit that supports kids from Rockford to Chicago with whatever is needed while they are in care.

We provide beds, bedding, clothing, shoes, toys and anything needed to help the kids feel wanted and deserving during the transition into a new home.

Our Services for kids in care
  • Beds, bedding, clothing, shoes, toys and anything else needed to make the kids feel loved and deserving while transitioning into a new home.
  • Birthday gifts
  • School supplies
  • Christmas gifts