Call to action requests

HELP Needed ASAP for 4 siblings being transitioned

Calling all helpers!!! I was so sad when I read this request so please do everything you can to help these kids out!!

Their biological mom destroyed most of their personal belongings before they were taken out of the home so the kids essentially have nothing.

I have created an amazon wishlist for bedding, socks and bras. I have then created a volunteer sign up for the shoes clothing items needed.

We would love to get these kids their stuff ASAP so I’m asking to have them by mid day Friday if at all possible. I’d love to deliver Friday afternoon. SB will be getting them the backpacks and school supplies that are needed as well.

And if you don’t have time but would like to help us help them, any donations are always appreciated to fill in the gaps of what we are missing.

Amazon wishlist for bedding, bras and socks:

Volunteer sign up for shoes and clothing:

Call to action requests

Winter clothing needed for 3 boys in care

3 boys newly in care need some help. They are having a rough time and need a little extra help. Second Bridge has diapers, wipes, bottles, formula and toys stocked for the boys but we need some help with the winter clothes and coats. If you’d like to help out with any toys for the older boys, they enjoy playing with legos.

Please sign up using the following link. We’d like to have this all by Friday, September 13th. The address to drop off is listed on the sign up sheet.

Call to action requests

3 requests for new placements

We need shoes for 2 kids who were displaced this week. Please sign up on the link if you are able to help:

7th grade girl is playing basketball this Fall and is requesting shoes, practice clothes, socks, a duffel and a ball. Foster mom says that this sweet girl just wants to fit in and feel like the other girls. Because of distance and time constraints, SB has ordered what was needed online. Can you help us fund this young lady?

A young man needs basketball shoes and athletic shirts for basketball practice. Foster parents have just got him all setup for soccer and he has now outgrown his basketball shoes. We’d like to help him out. We are requesting help shopping for some Nike athletic tank tops: We are also asking help financially so we can get him a gift card from Dick’s sporting goods so he can pick out his shoes.

Call to action requests

Fall clothing and diapers for 3 kids in care

Second Bridgers, we need your help!

We have a family who has welcomed their 2nd and 3rd foster children this week. They need a few Fall items for their currently placement along with some items for the new placements. She did receive some hand me downs for the baby but we still want to get her a few new items. The 4 year old boy is the most in need.

To sign up to help, click here:

Call to action requests

A few things needed for 2 7th-grade girls starting school this week plus a 14 year old with some special requests.

Can you help us out with a few things for 2 7th grade girls? They will be starting school this week so we would like the items by noon, Sunday the 18th if possible.

Just a couple pairs of pants, a couple sweatshirts and a pair of shoes are needed.

We are also asking for some clothes and a pair of gym shoes for a 14 year old. She also has rosacea on her face and has one specific makeup that she can use to help cover the redness. We’d like to also give her a gift certificate for that.

Please sign up here:

Call to action requests

Clothing and shoes needed ASAP for siblings before school starts!

UPDATE: I have added a few items needed including items for pre-k boy!

Okay Second Bridgers, we need your help! We have 3 siblings who were just taken into care. They will need some more items after this but for right now we have some things that they need ASAP. They start school on Thursday and aren’t ready. Supplies have been taken care of but the kindergartner needs clothes and shoes. We are waiting to hear sizing and needs for the pre-schooler. The highschooler also needs clothes but we thought for time sake and so that she can pick out what she wants, that a kohl’s gift card would be best.

Can you help us??

This link is for supplies for clothing and supplies:

This link is to raise funds for a Kohl’s gift card. We will purchase tomorrow at noon to hand off as well.

Call to action requests

Items and clothing needed for 12 year old girl taken into care this week.

A 12 year old girl was placed into a new home this past Monday. This young lady is not super girly. She likes blue, white, black and bright colors. She enjoys art, reading and writing. She also likes being outdoors and loves dogs. Let’s get her some new items and show her some love.

Thank you all for your continued support and help!