Second Bridge is funded by donations from individuals, organizations, foundations and corporations. Contributions in any amount will allow Second Bridge to continue to support foster children and families across Northern Illinois.

Donations in any amount will help us continue our mission. You have an option of contributing one time or setting up a reoccurring donation.

How your donation helps

Your contributions help us with daily expenses to allow Second Bridge to keep going. Donations are also used towards our following services:

  • Care Bags – Many foster children are removed from the home carrying their belongings in a garbage bags if they leave with anything at all. Second Bridge care bags help restore some dignity to this process. They are assembled to help a child through the first 24-48 hours of being transitioned into a new foster home. They contain necessity items as well as a few items for comfort.
  • Immediate Action Items – Our immediate action requests can come from a foster family or the agency. These are specific requests for a unique child. The requests can range from a clothing and shoes to a crib or car seat. These requests are often urgent as they are needed immediately before or after a new placement.
  • Continuing Care Items – For children currently in care or children in the group homes in Northern Illinois, we provide clothing and supplies needed to provide them with the best care possible.
  • Wish List Items – Foster parents and agency workers request items for children’s birthdays or holidays and Second Bridge helps to provide these items.
  • Sponsorships – Second Bridge has multiple sponsorship opportunities. Funding that is needed to fulfill these sponsorships come from your donations. Sponsorships are for Back-to-School, Teen Programs, Group Home Programs and holiday gift lists.