Second Bridge Holiday Help 2021

For our foster families:

Our foster parent sign-ups are now closed. For those of you who signed up for help, we are busy taking care of your wishes and will be in touch soon. If you have any questions, please contact us at

For our sponsors:
Thank you for continuing to support Second Bridge and the kids we support. Last year, you fulfilled the wishes of over 275 kids! It was nothing short of amazing. In order to avoid issues with shipping delays, we are starting our holiday event a little earlier than normal. Please sign up and do your shopping early. Share with your friends and family. We want to be able to make all of the kids’ wishes come true!
All gifts must be dropped off to Second Bridge in Crystal Lake on November 19th or 21st. Those will be our ONLY two drop off dates. We need to be able to prep for the families to come and pick up the gifts right after Thanksgiving.
When you sign up to sponsor, you will be able to select how many children you are willing to sponsor. If you are able to sponsor more than one, we will most likely assign you to a sibling group to make sure gifts are even.
The foster children send us over 5 wishes and we ask that you fulfill 3 of them. So that no one feels left out and to help out the foster families as much as possible, we also supply a gift for any other children in their care, this includes biological and adopted kids. If you are assigned one of these children, you will see 2 wishes and are asked to fulfill 1 of them. So when signing up, know that you are committing to 3 gifts per child. It may be less but we need you to commit to 3 gifts per child.
Some of the families will request the gifts be wrapped and others will ask they are not. We will send you specific information and instructions when a child is assigned to you.
We would not be able to do what we do without you and we appreciate you all!

To sign up to sponsor a child or children, please Sign-up to Sponsor HERE