About Us

Our Mission is to provide support from the community to foster families so the children in their care can thrive.

When Department of Children and Family Services determines that a child needs to be placed into a foster home, they work with organizations to connect foster families with the children.  These agencies are the FIRST BRIDGE to help. However, additional help is needed.

These families need a bridge to the community-at-large to help them meet the needs of the kids in their care. A state-issued stipend is not enough.  

These kids need and are worthy of more.

That need can be clothes, hygiene supplies, toys, or other basic necessities to help these children thrive.  

And that’s where we come in… we are the SECOND BRIDGE.  We bridge the gap between the community and foster families.

The Second Bridge is a not-for-profit organization established to achieve the Mission  – to provide support from the community to foster families so the children in their care can thrive.  We will do this through direct support by providing necessary items such as Placement Bags, Clothing, and Supplies foster families need.

Our Services

We will work with agencies and organizations to provide items needed during placement and after.

Care Bags – A duffel bag or backpack filled with necessities that a child needs in the first 24-48 hour after transitioning into a new foster home. These bags and supplies come from community donations in our Stuff the Duffel campaigns.

  • Pre-Teen/Teen – Toiletry and Hygiene products, school supplies, book, small blanket, underwear and socks, and new pillow case.
  • Elementary/Toddler – Small blanket, toy, stuffed animal, book, coloring book and crayons, underwear and socks.
  • Baby – Diapers, wipes, teething toys, bath items, sleepers

Immediate Action Items – Special items requested immediately after placement that are not included in care bags. Often foster parents do not know what they will need for the specific child that is coming into their care. Sometimes it is specific size clothing, shoes or even a crib.

Continuing Care Items – As seasons change or a child outgrows clothing, more items are needed. Coats, new clothes and school supplies are needed for children in care. We have an inventory of items that we can provide to foster families.

Wish Lists – Foster families are able to put in special requests for the children in their care. Whether it is for a special occasion, Christmas or a birthday, Second Bridge, with the help of the community, will grant these wishes.